On Seeing Online: Archive and Artifice

Haggus Society Founder, Terri Lloyd, Pink Buddha and The Haggus Society make the Huffington Post. Check it out here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/annie-buckley/on-seeing-online-archive_b_5558910.html


Arts & Culture Alliance Presents “Do I Know You?” by H.S. Member, R.L. Gibson

Arts & Culture Alliance Presents “Do I Know You?” by R.L. Gibson   (06/18/2014/Knoxville) – The Arts & Culture Alliance is pleased to present “Do I Know You?”, a new series of Xerography on canvas with hand-drawn patterns by local artist R.L. Gibson. “Do I Know You?” uses the body as the ultimate betrayer by […]

B*tch Fest

If you’re awake and breathing, you know there’s a war waging against our gender. Has been for 10,000 years or longer. From the atrocities of various and perpetual war zones, to the workplace, courtrooms, behind closed doors, and even congress, women aren’t treated with or given the dignity and equanimity they deserve. B*tch Fest provides […]