Fractured Atlas Helps Artists and Organizations With Fiscal Sponsorship and More

Howdy Hags! As you know, we collaborate with Renee Phillips’ Healing Power Of Art And Artists project. This week we launched a new aspect of that collaboration with this article. If you are an artist or work with an arts organization, when you read these words proclaimed by Fractured Atlas you will think you have […]


Three Award-Sponsors Comment on The Healing Power of ART Exhibition

March 17, 2015 by Renee Phillips Since the first Manhattan Arts International “The Healing Power of ART” juried exhibition more than a decade ago, the mission of the project was to give the participating artists international exposure for artistic excellence and communicate an important message about the healing benefits of art. This year’s exhibition devoted […]


Recently we have noticed that someone, a spammer, is using the “” email address to spam. We are sorry this is happening. No, our accounts have not been compromised, we have not been hacked. It’s what is called “spoof email.” Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot we can do about this, outside of educating others about […]